Machinery and Processing Technology

Technology and machinery.

For production we use only the best technology and equipment available on the market.

In planning we have Stoll M1 Plus software, a giant in the category and one of the best

software cashmere Stoll

software cashmere

Our weaving machines are Stoll line.

The technology that we have available is certainly important for our production but the extraordinary work of our professional dressmakers allows us to have objects defined, maintained and guaranteed.

This is all part of a new brand in constant growth, a brand that for 21 years has been on the market for cashmere.

All this is: FG Casmere....

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magazzino produzione cashmere laboratorio fg cashmere ingrosso cashmere fg cashmee
macchinario lavorazione cashmere
sede fg cashmere
macchinario cashmere




Fiorenzo Galletti
FG CASHMERE Forte dei Marmi
wholesale contract manufacturing - Italian style.
Company (showroom & wholesale):
Via Scaldasole n. 8- 54017 - Monti di Licciana Nardi (MS) Italy - Tel. e Fax +39 0187 471627 -
Vat nr: 00574120457


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